Propaganda and the new reality.

English: Uncle Sam recruiting poster.

English: Uncle Sam recruiting poster. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

French Military Propaganda postcard showing a ...

French Military Propaganda postcard showing a caricature of Kaiser Wilhelm II biting the world (c. 1915) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cover to the propaganda comic book "Is Th...

Cover to the propaganda comic book “Is This Tomorrow”‘ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alaska - death-trap for the Jap / Grigware. Pr...

Alaska – death-trap for the Jap / Grigware. Propaganda Poster for Thirteenth Naval District, United States Navy, showing a rat wearing a rising sun fez, representing Japan, approaching a mousetrap labeled “Army / Civilian / Navy”, on a background map of the state of Alaska. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

'stay on the job until every murdering jap is ...

‘stay on the job until every murdering jap is wiped out!’ World War II poster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Propaganda. (Photo credit: Elias Rovielo)


propaganda (Photo credit: twicepix)

The World: Colonial Possesions and Commercial ...

The World: Colonial Possesions and Commercial Highways, 1910 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Map of campaigns in the Revolutionary War

Map of campaigns in the Revolutionary War (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Flashing pictures on my screen
Shown too quickly to be seen
Does not register in my conscious mind
Propaganda of another kind
They’re Fucking with me subliminally
They’re Fucking with me subliminally

Danger – Nightmare
Doomsday – Nightmare
Murder – Nightmare
Nightmare, Nightmare

Watching T.V. I start to cry
For no reason I don’t know why
Could it be from messages on my TV
Which I’m getting subliminally?

Mind control the easiest way
Sponsored by the C.I.A.
It’s a weapon you cannot see
It’s propaganda subliminally

Suicidal Tendencies “Subliminal”

What exactly is Propaganda? This is the best definition I could find.

” Modern propaganda is distinguished from other forms of communication by its deliberate and conscious use of false or misleading information to sway public opinion.”

“Propaganda was used as a psychological weapon against the enemy and to bolster morale at home.

Good primer on Propaganda from Encyclopedia Britannica

Interesting fact on Propaganda.

President Wilson was among the first world leaders to use government sponsored propaganda on a wide scale. When the United States declared war against Germany in 1917, he created the Committee on Public Information (CPI), which represented for the first time that a modern government disseminated propaganda on such a large scale (d’Aymery).”

Article covering some aspects of Propaganda

Very interesting article on North Koreas use of architectural propaganda. Should be noted that this is a very common technique.. The Germans used architecture as one of the main tools in their propaganda.

“We must remember that in time of war what is said on the enemy’s side of the front is always propaganda, and what is said on our side of the front is truth and righteousness, the cause of humanity and a crusade for peace.”

Walter Lippmann

“””The seven basic types of propaganda devices:


Glittering Generality



Plain Folks

Card Stacking

Band Wagon”””

Quote “””””It is essential in a democratic society that young people and adults learn how to think, learn how to make up their minds. They must learn how to think independently, and they must learn how to think together. They must come to conclusions, but at the same time they must recognize the right of other men to come to opposite conclusions. So far as individuals are concerned, the art of democracy is the art of thinking and discussing independently together.””””

I started school as a History major and studied everything from Western Civilization to the History of China and The History of WW2 and more current events as well. One aspect that really fascinated me was the use of Propaganda since basically the Revolutionary War forward. Propaganda has been around for a long long time… it became “perfected” in WW1 roughly and if you were to believe History books it was the evil Germans and Russians who used it exclusively. That could not be further from the truth. We are being manipulated in very subtle ways and have been for a long long time.

I ran into a fantastic video dealing with propaganda and the medias relationship to disseminating it to the masses. The Journalist at the center of video has won many awards for his work and the facts in the video are beyond dispute.

I guess I have always wondered why people just buy into whatever is being fed them. The view of (if it is) on TV it has to be true… is a lethal view to have. The amount of times I have heard people start off a sentence by saying “I saw it on XXX show and therefore it is so” has always mystified me. Challenge what your being told.. challenge what you see on TV with your own eyes. Watch the video below and ask yourself what is going on.. why? How much news is faked. Or produced..

I will keep researching this in the coming days and intend on adding more content. Specifically as it relates to techniques and implications.

Edit: Nice sites talking about propaganda..

I enjoy doing the research when I am looking up things. I am always looking for new tools and ways to research subjects.,15&as_ylo=2012&as_vis=1

If anyone has ideas on good places to go for researching information please message me.

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11 thoughts on “Propaganda and the new reality.

  1. Interesting article, and thanks for including a link to World News Curator!
    I think it was actually the allies who were the masters of propaganda even in WW2. Nazi propaganda was mainly about creating an emotional impact, but the allies where very successful at disseminating lies.

    One interesting example which has always fascinated me is the idea that carrots make you see in the dark. Many people still believe this, and even my parents told me this when I was a child in the late 1980s / early 1990s. In actual fact, this was British WW2 propaganda. The British were short of food, but had lots of carrots. At the same time they had developed radar which allowed them to shoot down German planes during the night, and didn’t want the Nazi’s to know about their technology and try to replicate it. To kill two birds with one stone, they convinced the British people that they should be happy with a diet of carrots and little else because they were getting magic powers to see in the dark from them. This it turn made the Nazis think that carrots were to blame for their losses rather than some new technology.

    I find it so fascinating that a piece of government propaganda from so long ago can still be believed by many people. It really shows how persistent and powerful propaganda can be.

    It also shows how the best propaganda works – take a seed of truth and use it as the basis for a big lie. Carrots have lots of beta-carotene which is needed for eye health. That doesn’t mean that it can improve your eyesight though, just that if you had a beta-carotene deficiency you would start to go blind. This is important to remember – just because you can see some element of truth in something, doesn’t mean that it isn’t propaganda.


    • Thank you for the kind comments. What I was referring to I suppose is that in High School and grade schools they try and steer you away from thinking that the US or UK uses propaganda at all. I actually am about to read a book on code breaking and specifically Bletchley Park. They cracked the Nazi code pretty early in the war including the Enigma Machine. The name of the book is The Bletchley Park Codebreakers. I am currently reading Cryptonomican which is fiction about code breakers but contains a lot of actual facts concerning real history and people. The plot of Cryptonomican is interesting. Basically they were desperate to hide the fact they had broken the codes and had a special group of Soldiers who were tasked with throwing the Germans off their trail. The Germans would have been able to know without a doubt if their code had been broken by use of statistics and what could be expected in terms of sunk transports or ships etc..I will post a entry later about code breaking. I am still looking into different aspects of Propaganda. Interesting fact about carrots.
      I started the blog basically because I like to write and thought it might help my skills a bit. I also like to research things.. I thought going into the blog that I would write about Backgammon and Sports. It turns out that I am interested in so many things that it is hard for me not to include them. It never crossed my mind anyone would actually read anything I wrote.


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