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Map or Infographic of the day.

Updates, updates, updates.

Drone stuff mostly.

No map today.. but one of the best infographics I have ever seen.

Bonus infographic as I totally love the way they do this..

Papal Conclave infographic.

Last thing for today possibly. My writing for cryptography is actually almost done.. will be posted in the next 48 hours.

This short infographic video is devastating.. it shows the wealth inequality of the United States. I knew that 1% made more than the lowest 40% combined. I knew that 1% basically controls every aspect of life as we know it and there is absoultly nothing that can be done to change it outside of Civil War/Revolution.

Posting a double bonus long form article I found to beĀ incrediblyĀ interesting. Physics related/Higgs particle.

Finally for my Backgammon friends I thought this was one of the better articles I have seen written about strategy. All credit goes to the writer.. Mochy


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Helpful Backgammon Links

English: Screenshot from the program GNU Backg...
English: Screenshot from the program GNU Backgammon (Free Software Foundation) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A backgammon board from Lebanon.
A backgammon board from Lebanon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Diagram of backgammon checker movement.
Diagram of backgammon checker movement. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I thought I would get back to some of why this blog was started in the first place. I have kind of gotten away from posting about Backgammon and Chess. Have no fear…I went looking for links to articles I thought were interesting or helpfulĀ concerningĀ things from strategy to odds
Odds in Backgammon
My personal favorite resource on the interwebs.
Actually my favorite backgammon link is below.
I have it set to open when I open either Opera or Chrome.
It is the most valuable backgammon site in my opinion.. there could be others but I do not pay for any of them. So I cannot really judge
Gammon Village or Kit Woolseys site. From just strategy questions.. there is information on cube technology with bots…
tournament information…backgammon news.. almost all aspects of Backgammon.
The list of players is who reguarly post there is indeed impressive. A virtual who’s who of the Backgammon world.
Below is a similar site and is basically the backgammon newsgroup on google. It was the first forum style backgammon site I found that covered strategy and different aspects of backgammon..
Edit:: If you have any links that you think areĀ beneficialĀ to anyone of any skill level please message me or leave a comment below. Please feel free to email me as well
and I will edit other links into this post. You can also send me a message on facebook or a DM on twitter. I am always personally looking for new information or links.
I am a little out of practice currently with Backgammon however if IĀ concentrateĀ and practice for even a short time I can routinely play at a very high level.
There are quite a few people who know how good a player I am and the winnings and other
accomplishments I have had over the years.
I play on gamesgrid with the name Gaddis.
My high rating so far was 1961.
Playing against XG and using its running rating feature I have hovered around 1950 for the better part of the last 6 months.
Trust me I understand there are much better
players out there.
I am always looking to increase my own knowledge of Backgammon.
I play at gamesite2000 as well and use the sameĀ nickname.
Feel free to invite me anytime or if you would like to set up a match to play against me..
Can use comments here or message me on facebook or even email me. I am not scared to play anyone.
In fact I would love theĀ opportunityĀ to play you.Ā Enhanced by Zemanta

Backgammon Pip Counting Method (Thanks to Phil Simborg for sending it to me)

This is similar to the other method I posted with cross overs. It seems to be at first glance much faster than the other fast method I posted. Obviously being able to figure out Pip counts in live over the board matches is critical if you want to ever get to advanced or expert or world class level. I will study it some more and practice with it as well.

Again all credit goes to Phil Simborg and Robert Urquhart.

Urquhart Colorless Counting

Backgammon Links

Here are a couple more links to a couple backgammon sites that provide a ton of information as well as being very useful.

The first link Chicago Point does a very good job of keeping track of tournaments around the world as well as articles about strategy etc.

The second is a link to Kit Woolsey and his site Gammon U. Very good articles on strategy as well as having one of the more famous online match of the day. Kit moves then the community votes on the proper move and or cubeĀ decision.

Always wanted to use this for something and now is my big chance.. top sites in google search for backgammon.