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Sports teams.

I am a big fan of most sports played and as such have teams that I root for. Most of my fandom comes from living close to various teams as well as going to see these teams play in Historic Venues and as well as see legends play.

Favorite Teams

NFL      1. Indianapolis Colts

1a. San Francisco 49ers

NBA     1. Boston Celtics

1a. Indiana Pacers

MLB     1. Boston RedSox

1a. Washington Nationals

Tennis ( believe it or not I was really really good at tennis and still am to some degree)

1. Roger Federer

1a. Womens tennis ( Do not really have a favorite player but enjoy watching it–the skill level is closer to what I can play then Mens tennis currently)


If you are a fan of these teams or a fan of Sports whatsoever do not be afraid to chat with me about anything having to do with sports world in general.


About dgarnold

More interests than I can count.. enjoy Foreign Policy, Current events, Books, Game theory,Sports (both watching and participating) and of course my Labradors. Love Mountain Biking! World class backgammon player.

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