Five eyes/Enhanced Interrogation aka Torture.

Hope everyone is having a Happy Holiday season. I have been very busy with that.. Work… And some other less fun things. I apologize for missing the last 10 days or so but I am back with plenty of new material. Rendition. Enhanced Interrogation. Sports (? • maybe). Backgammon ( ? • maybe).

I have posted about the five eyes partnership in the past… Just to keep you mildly entertained. Here is a short video on the topic.

Preview for tomorrow.


abstract. Conventional wisdom states that recent U.S. authorization of coercive interrogation techniques, and the legal decisions that sanctioned them, constitute a dramatic break with the past. This is false. U.S. interrogation policy well prior to 9/11 has allowed a great deal more flexibility than the high-minded legal prohibitions of coercive tactics would suggest: all interrogation methods allegedly authorized since 9/11, with the possible exception of waterboarding, have been authorized before. The conventional wisdom thus elides an intrinsic characteristic of all former and current laws on interrogation: they are vague and contestable, and thus, when context so demands, manipulable.

Enhanced Interrogation Law

enhanced interrogation

Yale Law Review. Enhanced Interrogation Law.


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