GCHQ caught again…Bonus Moscows hidden subway.

There has been plenty of leaks since I last updated the Surveillance scandel that had developed due to Edward Snowdens whistle blowing. I am ashamed at the lack of interest in this by the majority of Americans. Either people do not understand the ramifications or consequences of this or the Govt has done a great job of shaping the dialogue and using various means of propaganda to confuse Americans. Der Spiegel has again done a great job staying on top of this story. I find the methods used by GCHQ to be very cunning and interesting. Lets not confuse ourselves they are doing this for the bidding of the NSA.

Elite GCHQ teams targeted employees of mobile communications companies and billing companies to gain access to their company networks. The spies used fake copies of LinkedIn profiles as one of their tools.

The Belgacom employees probably thought nothing was amiss when they pulled up their profiles on LinkedIn, the professional networking site. The pages looked the way they always did, and they didn’t take any longer than usual to load.

The victims didn’t notice that what they were looking at wasn’t the original site but a fake profile with one invisible added feature: a small piece of malware that turned their computers into tools for Britain’s GCHQ intelligence service.

The British intelligence workers had already thoroughly researched the engineers. According to a “top secret” GCHQ presentation disclosed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, they began by identifying employees who worked in network maintenance and security for the partly government-owned Belgian telecommunications company Belgacom.

Then they determined which of the potential targets used LinkedIn or Slashdot.org, a popular news website in the IT community.

‘Quantum Insert’

The computers of these “candidates” were then infected with computer malware that had been placed using infiltration technology the intelligence agency refers to as “Quantum Insert,” which enabled the GCHQ spies to deeply infiltrate the Belgacom internal network and that of its subsidiary BICS, which operates a so-called GRX router system. This type of router is required when users make calls or go online with their mobile phones while abroad.

Der Spiegel article

<strongLink of the day

I know most modern countries have something similar in place to protect the Govt and those it considers to be vital. This is Moscow’s version of the bug out shelter.

The secret special subway system can be built in many ways and for different purposes starting from evacuation of the Russian generalship and finishing with the systems of special communication of various bunkers belonging to all possible agencies and structures (already finished ones and those being still built).

It’s an amazing place with red light and numerous signaling sensors, guard posts 24/7 and constant patrol of duty staff.
These tunnels are stretching for many kilometres under Moscow and one can walk along them for hours… These cables seem to be endless, they connect numerous basements of interesting buildings belonging to various institutions.
At a distance of three – four kilometres away from each other special technical blocks for cabels maintenance are located as well as toilets, guard posts, ventilation and filtration systems for air purification. Such blocks are not too long – approximately 70-100 meters.

The secret subway… Moscow style




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