Chess World Championships streaming…

I have been gone for too long. Various reasons for my being away. I am back and was shocked to see the blog is just as popular as it has been. I will continue now to update it with things that interest me and hopefully you as well. Thank you for continuing to visit the blog and taking time out of your busy lives to read what I may find important or interesting…

The world championship of chess is being contested between Carlsen and Anand. the following link should allow you to watch it and keep up on schedule and what the developments have been. I love Chess I am just not very good… I am much much better at Backgammon where I usually can play Expert or World Class level. I only really started playing Chess for about a year. I do have shredder so hope to improve.

Chess Worlds

Defending champion Viswanathan Anand on Tuesday gave his Norwegian challenger Magnus Carlsen a scare despite playing with black pieces even though the third game of the World Chess Championship clash ended in a long-grinding draw.

The third game turned out to be a hard fought affair lasting 51 moves after a rather sedate start that had seen the first two games ending in draws without any real excitement.

Midway into the third game today, Anand appeared to have seized the initiative with some ‘spot on’ manoeuvres, but the world number one Carlsen saved the situation with his counter play.


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