Able Archer 1983 NATO exercise almost leads to Nuclear war. Bonus… When America first put on its cyber warfare helmets. Just released Benghazi emails and my feelings without reading them yet.

Fascinating to me and hopefully interesting to you as well. I will add a ton of my haarp info this weekend. This is to keep you entertained. Hopefully History is more exciting to you now then it was as a sophomore in High School.

I was a history major and thought I knew a lot about history. Most of it is an illusion. Usually the winning side writes history. History can really be summed up by a conflict for money or natural resources.

During the 80’s… Things apparently got to a level where the United States and USSR were at each others throats and distrusted each other immensely. I sort of remember this exercise beginning and talk of it on the news. I was maybe 16-17 years old at the time and not as interested in foreign policy as I am now.

During 10 days in November 1983, the United States and the Soviet Union nearly started a nuclear war. Newly declassified documents from the CIA, NSA, KGB, and senior officials in both countries reveal just how close we came to mutually assured destruction — over a military exercise.

That exercise, Able Archer 83, simulated the transition by NATO from a conventional war to a nuclear war, culminating in the simulated release of warheads against the Soviet Union. NATO changed its readiness condition during Able Archer to DEFCON 1, the highest level. The Soviets interpreted the simulation as a ruse to conceal a first strike and readied their nukes. At this period in history, and especially during the exercise, a single false alarm or miscalculation could have brought Armageddon.

Article can be found here…

Additional documents can be found in following links.

The realistic nature of the 1983 exercise, coupled with deteriorating relations between the United States and the Soviet Union and the anticipated arrival of strategic Pershing II nuclear missiles in Europe, led some members of the Soviet Politburo and Soviet military to believe that Able Archer 83 was a ruse of war, obscuring preparations for a genuine nuclear first strike.[1][2][3][4]

Cyber warfare update.

In foreign policy magazine they outline when the United States first entered the cyber war fray. 1997 of all things they were considering how to attack enemies ( and most likely allies computer systems).

This short item from a classified NSA publication reveals that as far back as 1997 the super-secret agency was tasked with finding ways not just to listen in on our enemies (the NSA’s usual stock-in-trade), but actually to attack hostile computer networks. The document proclaimed that “the future of warfare is warfare in cyberspace,” and it sketched out how tomorrow’s “Information Warriors” would think, act, and fight on the new digital battlefield.

I have not looked these over as of yet and really have no thoughts about content as of yet. I do think it is hypocritical of Republicans to have hearing after hearing about Benghazi where 4 people died. At the same time Bush Jr lied directly to the American people and cooked evidence to sway public opinion for the Iraq War. No hearings have been held. Let us remember 4000 + US service members have died in combat. 22 a day are commuting suicide currently. The suicides have now outpaced combat deaths. 1.4 Trillion dollars have been wasted. 500,000 + Iraqi civilians have been killed. Contract after contract went to Haliburton ( of which Dick Cheney was CEO of) in no bid contacts worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Hundreds of millions of dollars have just turned up missing as well. Yet no hearings have been held. No responsibility has been claimed. No one has been held to account for war crimes such as torture-rendition ( kidnapping)-suspension of habias corpus-spying on Americans directly. I could go on and on. Various aspects of the war just infuriate me to be honest. The Iraq war and various activities have seriously eroded Americans on the world stage. How can we remotely claim to represent the “moral upper hand” we have always claimed to have when we torture people and water board them with administration approval. Yet they want to have repeated hearings about something where 4 people died to embarrass Obama and stab Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations in the back. I am posting this because it is somewhat historically significant in my opinion.

I will offer a very long post on the Iraq war in the near future as well and talk somewhat about “the battle for the Baghdad airport”. It has been rumored for a long long time that the United States used a nuclear or hydrogen tactical device of some kind to decide that conflict in a hurry. Google it if you doubt me. Google battle for Baghdad airport and the word nuclear.


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