Researching the NSA way and preview of what is next

I personally love to research various things that interest me. I have run into a great article on Wireds website that gives a link to how the NSA recommends people to research. It is a very long .pdf file. Roughly 642 pages of information.

I  have 50-75 sites bookmarked on my own for my own personal levels or research. I use various search engines and various components within the search engines to help me further. For example I use Google but then refine my search using Google Scholar etc. I use Scribid and Jstor to search for free documents or journal entries. I try and use as accurate information as I can find based on reliable sources or preview viewed articles or Journal entries if at all possible. What you research and write about is only as reliable as the sources you use. It is very important to be accurate as possible. I should add it is unclear if the methods the NSA suggest are legal or not. I will stick with my traditional ways for now.

The article

The next major topic I will research ( which I have started) and write about is HAARP. I feel there is a lot of misconception about what it does vs what it can actually do. Here is a semi small introduction article.


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