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Hello Again

Hello there.

I want to thank everyone for taking time to stop by and read my blog. I also want to thank everyone for the kind comments that I have received. I have started a new job. I am working 12-14 hours a day. I have been having some medical problems with my eyes and vision. Nothing serious but enough to make me very nervous. I was robbed in my apartment as well since I posted last. Not my best month. If anyone knows of a job writing and thinks I might be able to help with it please email me ( or if you just want to correspond with me. I certainly would appreciate that as well. My blog has been successful beyond my wildest dreams.

A link to the Govts report on cyber security and China as the focus. Very interesting to me. Hopefully you will find it interesting as well.

I have a bunch of new material to start posting again when my timing works out a bit better and my health improves. Seriously if anyone knows of a job writing and thinks I could help please let me know. I love to research things….especially if I am interested in the topic.

take care. Be back soon. Will try and update more often until I am able to devote more time.


About dgarnold

More interests than I can count.. enjoy Foreign Policy, Current events, Books, Game theory,Sports (both watching and participating) and of course my Labradors. Love Mountain Biking! World class backgammon player.

One response to “Hello Again

  1. Anonymous

    Ciao! Vorrei solo dire un grazie enorme per le informazioni che avete condiviso in questo blog! Di sicur diverr un vostro fa accanito!

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