Map or Infographic of the Day.

Got several things for you today..


I am not sure of the validity of this document. I have provided a second piece of evidence in which there is no doubt it is legitimate. I am not offering my thoughts or consequences (as I see them) until I can think about it further. If true it raises some serious questions. The Job posting is what to me lends some credibility to the idea that something like the first .pdf may be somewhat correct and the rumors right. I am undecided in my view on this for the time being.

I am fascinated with the whole Drone thing… almost every aspect of it. Technology.. morality.. etc.

I was shocked when I saw this on the New York Times Website.

It is not like the US to disavow anything basically… So this brings up the way I see it 4 possibilities.

1. It never occurred.

2. The US did the strike but for some reason is saying they did not.. which would be really stupid if they did because there would be evidence of who did the strike.

3. Another Country did the drone strike?–I am unclear it has ever been proved any other Country has ever has a drone strike.

4. The US did the strike but for some reason one hand does not know what the other is doing.

Ran across two other articles about Drones and two excellent starting point for looking into them.

All about the Drone Doctrine that is shrouded in mystery.

Drones testing Legal Grounds.

ProPublica starting point.

Bureau of Investigative Journalism starting poing.

Have 3 maps today.. Two in similar style and of Pennsylvania. The third is of one of the most infamous civil war battlefields.

jp2 (3)jp2 (4)jp2 (5)

Bonus Infographic of Stars.. Not the way you might think.


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