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The Space Shuttle Atlantis, backdropped agains...

The Space Shuttle Atlantis, backdropped against clouds over Earth, is pictured after it undocked from the International Space Station at 7:50 a.m. CDT, Sept. 17, 2006. The STS-115 astronauts completed six days, two hours and two minutes of joint operations with the station crew. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shuttle external fuel tank jettisoned

Shuttle external fuel tank jettisoned (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Interesting… They knew the Shuttle would not survive (most likely) and choose not to tell the Astronauts. By the way he was in charge of Shuttle Missions or something equally impressive with NASA. I posted it because it asks interesting questions about morality and what you may or may not do.

English: The April 12 launch at Pad 39A of STS...

English: The April 12 launch at Pad 39A of STS-1, just seconds past 7 a.m., carries astronauts John Young and into an Earth orbital mission scheduled to last for 54 hours, ending with unpowered landing at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Türkçe: Columbia Uzay Mekiği’nin 12 Nisan 1981 günü 54 saat sürmesi tahmin edilen bir görev için içerisinde bulunan astronotlar (hallo) John Young ve Robert Crippen ile kalkış anı. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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From the Rogers Commission to reading Dr. Diane Vaughn’s book The Challenger Launch Decision took me 17 years.  For all those years I had learned the wrong lesson about the loss of Challenger.  The sound-bite explanation kept me in ignorance.  You know, that a rogue manager for venal motives suppressed the concerns of good engineers and true when they tried to stop the launch.  As Dr. Vaughn more correctly analyzed the decision “It can truly be said that the Challenger launch decision was a rule-based decision.  It was not amorally calculating managers violating rules that were responsible for the tragedy.  It was conformity.”  The sound-bite explanation was satisfying, easy to live with, and wrong.  It failed to ask the more penetrating questions.  But even more importantly, it failed to spur specific action.  Just feeling anger at a bad decision or sadness at the loss is diffuse and unmotivating.  It is imperative that…

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