English: Drone (male honeybee) Deutsch: Drohn ...

English: Drone (male honeybee) Deutsch: Drohn (männliche Honigbiene) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Council on Foreign Relations

Council on Foreign Relations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seal of the C.I.A. - Central Intelligence Agen...

Seal of the C.I.A. – Central Intelligence Agency of the United States Government (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Drone (Photo credit: kap4001)

Image representing New York Times as depicted ...

Image via CrunchBase

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.”
― George Orwell1984

Drones appear silently

The night is quiet until explosion

Death is from above.

—–Drone Haiku—-

Bonus Drone link


Edit for new articles:


Edit (2-13-13)

NPR had a great program yesterday on Drones and how the Obama administration is dealing with reporters and kill lists etc.


EDIT (2-18-13) Have found 3 new excellent articles on Drones.

NY Times article about Drone use in police forces. Brings up some very interesting questions.

Supposedly everything you need to know about Drones in Popular Mechanics.


Link to another article found in PM.


Bloomberg’s interesting take on Drones.

Obama’s Drone Attack on Your Due Process


The infamous white Paper. I have it in another spot in the blog.. but it could be the single most important thing in the topic.



  • First a article about micro drones and the Military and Defense manufacturers mad rush to push the technological envelope and bring even more intrusive drones into our lives.


  • Second a article about how we now appear to be selling our drone weaponry to other countries. I have a bad feeling this could come back to hurt us down the road.. but the all mighty dollar seems to trump good judgement.


  • Emmy award journalist covering the growing Drone “controversy”

  • A telegraph article about a document recently found in Mail outlining how al-Qaeda instructs people on avoiding drones. (followed by the actual .pdf)



“””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””These tactics are:
1 – It is possible to know the intention and the mission of the drone by using the Russianmade “sky grabber” device to infiltrate the drone’s waves and the frequencies. The device
is available in the market for $2,595 and the one who operates it should be a computerknow-how.
2 – Using devices that broadcast frequencies or pack of frequencies to disconnect the
contacts and confuse the frequencies used to control the drone. The Mujahideen have had
successful experiments using the Russian-made “Racal.” 3 – Spreading the reflective pieces of glass on a car or on the roof of the building.
4 – Placing a group of skilled snipers to hunt the drone, especially the reconnaissance
ones because they fly low, about six kilometers or less.
5 – Jamming of and confusing of electronic communication using the ordinary water-lifting
dynamo fitted with a 30-meter copper pole.
6 – Jamming of and confusing of electronic communication using old equipment and
keeping them 24-hour running because of their strong frequencies and it is possible using
simple ideas of deception of equipment to attract the electronic waves devices similar to
that used by the Yugoslav army when they used the microwave (oven) in attracting and
confusing the NATO missiles fitted with electromagnetic searching devices.””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””


A news article that may have slipped by if you were not paying attention and interested in this type of thing. The Global War on terror seemingly has a new battlefield (yes I know about Mali etc..)


A fantastic documentary about Drones. (highly recommended)




Drone stuff mostly.




Germany wants to start building Drones.. All these Drones can be nothing but good right?



Drones will shift from the CIA to the defense department.




I have decided to do Drones next.. I have found a lot of information on them in the last 10 days but will wait till I have some time to put it all together.

This is basically a heads up that Nova will be showing “Rise of the Drones” this evening. Should be a great and educational program.


I have collected a lot of really great information about Drones and will be using this space in the coming days to arrange what I have found.

EDIT: I am putting the information together now and should be publishing it tomorrow. The full program is available to watch as well at the pbs site linked above and below.


—It is taking me longer than I expected. There is more information that I have time to go over. It will be up shortly though.

Here is another good documentary on drones.



Ethical Issues:






Drone Strikes– Have a few sources with some really solid information. Would look at the results and how it impacts relations worldwide.




Very interesting documents..

A. The offical UK policy on unmanned aerial drones.


B. The council on foreign relations document concerning the use of drones.


C. Washington Post interactive concerning drones.


The best website covering the covert drone war.


Article concerning children killed by drone strikes.


Besides from Innocent Children being killed by drones and American citizens being sentenced to death without trial the fact the CIA targets rescuers and funerals is sickening.


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