What is China building in the desert.. furthermore what exactly is China doing?

English: A SVG version of File:China provinces...

English: A SVG version of File:China provinces numbered.png . (Photo credit: Wikipedia

For years there have been pictures circulating of massive structures that the Chinese are building basically in the middle of no where.


I fully believe that the massive wars in the Middle East have been a way to compete with China in this century. China will no doubt require massive amounts of fossil fuels to modernize and expand. If the US and its Nato allies control the oil fields in the Middle East they essentially have China by the balls for lack of a better term. In response China has been very active in buying property in the US and Canada for farming purposes. The two most important resources to own in the near future will be oil and food production capabilities. If the World does become hotter as the global warming models suggest it will be increasingly hard to feed the populations of the world. Grain will be increasingly hard to grow resulting in all sorts of problems with many different foods. Virtually all meat has to have grain in order to feed it in order to even get to the market to sell. Of course these are my personal theories of the bigger picture and the reasons for the escalating tensions with China over almost all aspects of modern life.

China for years have been building massive structures in the middle of nowhere… Wired Magazine has done a very good job documenting what has been going on. You have to realize at the same time quite a bit of the images the US have are probably classified and the technology to acquire the images is most likely better than what google earth uses or global eye or stratfor.

To give another wordpress blogger some credit.. I found a recent entry of his to be very interesting.

Is China preparing for war or catastrophe? Mysteriously stockpiles rice and other commodities

January 12, 2013 – CHINA – Yesterday, it was reported that China – not currently suffering from any food shortages – is amassing rice stockpiles. This past year, the country mysteriously imported four times the rice over 2011 purchases: United Nations agricultural experts are reporting confusion, after figures show that China imported 2.6 million tons of rice in 2012, substantially more than a four-fold increase over the 575,000 tons imported in 2011.




These photo’s actually present a interesting question.. What are the ramifications of National Security in the age of Google Earth and how do you protect yourself. There are people all over who enjoy nothing better than scouring Google Earth or any other Earth Mapping service for any kind of anomaly.


The Chinese are also building what can only be called Massive Ghost Cities. Fully functioning Cities with no one living in them.




Finally the best saved for last.. a really interesting documentary on PBS about China titled. China from the Inside (Power and the People)

EDIT.. This is a really killer website. You will see why if you click the link. (no joke-no link to anything even remotely offensive)


I would love to hear anyones thoughts on what is going on and what the implications may be in the future.

EDIT:: Alarming news reported today.. Not sure if this source is valid or not.

“China Newspaper Says To ‘Prepare For The Worst’ After Military Confrontation With Japan In The East China Sea””. This is obviously bad news..I wondered why both Countries wanted what essentially are two small islands. “China has been flying these planes consistently lately to surveil the contested island chain that’s supposed to hold billions in oil and gas reserves.”





Pretty good expose on the Chinese Ghost cities on 60 minutes last night.


Doomsday Scenario.


English: Population density in the People's Re...

English: Population density in the People’s Republic of China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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