Robert GriffenIII

Redskins primary logo 1972-1981, 1983-present

Redskins primary logo 1972-1981, 1983-present (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Robert GriffenIII will have total reconstruction of both his LCL and ACL.

Redskins QB Robert Griffin III will undergo total reconstruction of knee for complete tear of ACL and LCL. Recovery projection: 6-8 mos.

Dr. James Andrews will perform surgery in about 6 hours. Diagnosis already made that ACL graft of @RGIII‘s 2009 surgery is complete tear

Very sad news for any sports fan. I will be shocked if he returns in 6 to 8 months. Usually the recovery time for this type of injury is 10-12 months. The Washington Redskins without a doubt will have to change their offense to stop allowing him to take such hits as he took this season. They will either have to totally scrap the spread-read option or they will have to modify it. RGIII has never operated a true pro style offense and it is unclear if he will be able to adjust. He is not a 5 or 7 step drop and get rid of the ball guy. I personally really like RGIII and wish him the best going forward. I will not be shocked at all if he is not the same player in the future as he was the first 10 weeks of this season. I will edit this post and ad more information as it become available.

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Edit: They all ready have blown it once.. they seriously need to let him recover. Do not rush him back. The pressure will be intense however. As I retweeted earlier.. Do not base your expectations on what Adrain Peterson did. He is a freak.. NO other player in History has come back so fast and there have been thousands of ACL or LCL surgeries. This is RGIII’s second time on the same knee. It will take longer just based on that alone. If he plays before week 8 of next year I will be shocked.

When he got injured..what flashed by my eyes was Bo Jackson. A spectacular athlete who was injured on a freaky play and was never the same after. I realize Bo injured his hip and RGIII was his knee. I think RGIII was lightening in the bottle (just as Bo was) and may never be the same player as he was. That does not mean he cannot be effective… but he will have to do so in a different way. The Redskins without a doubt will have to fundamentally change their offense. They can expose him to the same hits he took this year. The problem I see.. well several problems I see:

1. It will take longer than the 6-8 Months ESPN is trying to make you believe.

2. The Skins ran basically a college offense this season with the read-option or what you might call spread option.

3. RGIII has never really run a pro style offense he has never really had to operate with 5 steps and throw or 7 steps and throw. He will have to learn how to be a pocket QB on the fly basically.

Granted he is a superior athlete and I would not put much past him. I wish him the best he is a great kid. There are many many reasons to root for him beyond just football. He was a deans list student at Baylor and I believe majored in my personal favorite subject Political Science.  I just do not think RGIII fans can expect him to be the same when he comes back. He had a pretty severe knee injury and the LCL tear is alarming. I believe as well that the LCL is more responsible for the lateral movement. Any football player is highly dependent on their lateral movement.

Former alternate logo for the Washington Redskins

Former alternate logo for the Washington Redskins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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