seal of the CIA
seal of the CIA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Big Brother is watching.. actually that would be the NSA and Stellar Wind. I am more testing out some new blog tools than I have much on the way of thoughts on this I want to share right now. I have plenty of thoughts on it actually and have a post earlier on this blog covering the NSA and Stellar Wind.

Article discussing the double standard the CIA employs.

I thought this was an interesting quote from the article.. “The contrast points to the real threat to secrecy, which comes not from the likes of Mr. Kiriakou but from the agency itself. The C.I.A. invokes secrecy to serve its interests but abandons it to burnish its image and discredit critics.”

There is clearly a double standard with the CIA. It is ok for Dick Cheney to leak a name of a active CIA operative .. however in the case of Mr. Kiriakou it is a federal crime and he will be spending time in prison. I wish someone could explain this to me. Dick Cheney is most likely sitting on his deck right now enjoying a cold beverage… meanwhile Mr. Kiriakou is trying to figure out how to tell his daughters he will be going away. Please I do understand it is a crime to leak the name of an operative… it is a very serious offense. The law should be upheld equally for both people in this case.

Fantastic resource for CIA related topics from one of the best schools in the Country. George Washington University.

Will revisit this blog entry as well and edit in information as I learn more. For now I just want you to consider what I talked about above.


Interesting article concerning what was US Nuclear Policy until 1968.

National Security Agency Seal
National Security Agency Seal (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)
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