On March 11th 2011 a magnitude 9.0 Earthquake hit off the coast of Japan setting into play a chain reaction of events that have led to the greatest threat to the continued survival and health of Mankind.  When Chernobyl had its accident there was one reactor involved..Fukushima was a facility with 4 reactors and they all failed to various degrees. The Earthquake triggered a Tsunami that overwhelmed the barriers outside of the plant forcing many millions of gallons of seawater to swamp the plant. The water forced the plant to start a shut down.. then all hell broke loose. The Electricity was cut to the plant and all of their backup systems failed. From the people of Japan to the Ocean to the people living on the West Coast of the United States this will impact almost everyone over the next unknown amount of time. I have selected 4 articles that give a very good overview of what happened and the dangers involved. In 1987 I wrote a paper in College about Chernobyl and was sadly very accurate in my conclusions.

Huffington Post article covering the disaster.


Dailymail Article indicating the disaster was man made to some degree (by negligence)


A fantastic breakdown of what happened and what the future may hold in respects to both Nuclear Energy and Medical issues. Has a easy to follow timeline of articles and events.


Scientific American Article covering what happened by way of timeline of events


Edit:: A new map showing the fallout patterns.


Edit:: Frontline documentary on Fukushima


Edit:: The Science behind the massive Earthquake that triggered the problem at Fukushima (Nova–as you can tell I like PBS)



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