The war being waged against Iran

There is a war going on that you may not exactly be aware of. The US and some other countries have been waging an economic war against Iran for years. The intended result was that Iran would finally cave in and stop their Nuclear Program. Iran has proved more resilient than I think many policy heads thought possible. The war is being waged on many different levels. From straight sanctions to a new form of warfare that increasingly is being used (Cyber Warfare). I am fascinated personally by the Cyber Warfare aspects of this. From Stuxnet to Flame.. No one is entirely sure who developed these although you can get a pretty good idea by just thinking about it. There have been reports it was the US.. there have been reports it was Israel… there are reports it was a joint project of both countries. Make no mistake.. Cyber warfare is the weapon of the future/now. Just think for a second about the ramifications of what an attack could do to a Country Economically and or how the Populace will react to a full fledged attack.

Reuters article about the Economic war being waged.


What is Stuxnet?

The Economist recent article about Cyber warfare

Flame (another virus/attack )

Part of a new overall United States strategy.

Washington Post article about same..

Very well written study about Cyber Warfare and how Nation States are juggling the means and motivation to use it.


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