Comet Ison. AKA C/2012 S1

How lucky are we? Well that will be determined next year at some point. A comet ISON will be visible for much of the year and appear in the night sky potentially with a magnitude 2 or 3 times as bright as the moon. You may be able to see it in broad daylight. It will pass as well very very very close to Earth. They measure how close by something called AU (Astronomical Unit).

What exactly is a AU?

How is a comets brightness measured?

EDIT::: Feb 18th 2013

Found a interesting article on ISON.


Interesting article about Comet Ison–the-comet-of-the-century-8431443.html

edit.. a new article in Time about the comet.

Coming in 2013: The Comet of the Century?

Enjoy Science.


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